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I smoke too much weed!
Is this much weed bad for you?

Too Much Weed

I smoke too much weed and was wondering if this much weed is bad for you? I smoke about a gram of marijuana a day, and sometimes much more. I have tried to quit weed many times but can't seem to pull it off for more than a day or two. Should I stop smoking pot?

If you smoke too much weed, for sure - weed is certainly bad for you!

However 'too much' is different for each user. Only you will ever truly know the answer to that question. If you only smoke once a week or if you smoke 3 grams every single day, think of it this way:

If you think you smoke too much weed - you probably do!

Typically, smoking weed will have more of an affect on you the longer you continue to smoke. As time goes on, the long-term effects of marijuana on your brain become more apparent. Quite often weed is smoked daily for many years until it is seen as a problem.

Although marijuana does has a serious impact on a persons life, with most people, marijuana will not be seen as a 'problem' until two things have happened:

  1. Smoking weed has noticeably affected an area of your life negatively
  2. You've experienced trouble 'quitting weed' and realize it's addictive

Once both of these steps have occurred in your life, usually people will attempt to quit weed. Just like your case, most people are not successful in quitting weed in their first few serious attempts.

In fact, only 1 out of 3 people successfully stop smoking weed after a conscious decision to quit the drug altogether. The reason many people are not successful is because they don't understand the underlying forces at play, which actually make your decisions for you. With any addiction, you need to look at your real motivations for using.

I'm talking about your sub-conscious, which makes decision for you based on emotions.

Basically it works like this:

Everything that you do as a human, you do it for one of these two reasons, either:

If marijuana is difficult for you to quit, it's probably because of one of these reasons.

You may have had a period in your life in which marijuana was seen to give you pleasure. Alternatively, there could be a point on your life in which you viewed marijuana as a way to avoid a painful experience, possibly an escape from the storms of life.

The point is that if you are having trouble successfully quitting weed, you need to figure out what the main cause for you smoking could be.

This is different for all users and must be discovered by you!

What if you made the decision, but can't actually quit weed...?

If you have had enough of smoking weed, but can't seem to kick the habit on your own, make sure to check out this quit weed guide. This course uses useful powerful methods such as a Natural Marijuana Detox and other modern strategies to help you quit weed easily by changing your perception of the drug completely.

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